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The ONE Manifesto

. The ONE Museum is a non-profit organization. We do not sell anything. Our only goal is to offer our visitors a pleasant place and quality exhibitions in which they can enjoy discovering artists they may not know yet, or to see again with happiness artists they already know, but under a different presentation, a new selection, a particular theme.

. The ONE Museum works like a real museum, offering an enormous and very beautiful exhibition area managed by a true curation with an artistic axis well defined by the present "Manifesto". We assume that the only differences are that it does not have a physical address in the beautiful neighbourhoods of one of the world's largest metropolises… (  )

. The selection at the ONE Museum is above all made with the greatest freedom and open-mindedness, free of any commercial interest and free of any influence from the media, commercial galleries or any institution.

  We do not admit any pressure whatsoever.

  We do not pay any attention to fashions, movements or other "usual hype selections" that it currently seems trendy to favour just about everywhere.

  Nor do we pay any attention to the pre-established notoriety of the artists we exhibit. No matter their age, their Curriculum Vitae, their origin, their "chapel", only the quality of their artistic proposal counts for us. If we are convinced of their value, then they have their place in The ONE Museum.

  We defend a free vision of what we believe should be, in particular, an emancipated, visionary and authoritative creation, with a well-defined guideline, a style that is personal and assertive, an inventive artistic direction, with a real and clear message, thus ensuring the plausible future of their art through the evolution that the artists propose and not stagnation… (  )


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Meet the Artists


Focus ONE

The Focus ONE Section shows a Fine Selection of

Artists The ONE Museum Follows & actively Supports.

They will obviously be part of our upcoming solo exhibition program.

The high quality of their work and their artistic integrity make them among the best Artists in their discipline,

We strongly encourage you to give them Love, they really deserve it.


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Privilege ONE Membership & Secret Exhibition

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