Learn Why and How


The ONE Museum was founded in 2020 by Birdy Tg


& Curated by Thierry Gulian and Birdyland

The ONE Way.png

. WHY ?  - The Initial Analysis leading to the Foundation of the ONE Museum -


The concept of The ONE Museum was born at the end of 2019 from the meeting of a shared observation, a desire to make things change and a know-how, all three based on an in-depth knowledge of the Fine Arts world for many years… (To be continued…)


. HOW ? - The ONE Manifesto summarising the operation of The ONE Museum -

1/ The ONE Museum is a non-profit organization. We do not sell anything. All is free for Visitors as well for Artists. We love Art, not its money!


2/ … (To be continued…)


. THE 13 REASONS… - why you should LOVE The ONE Museum -

1/ The ONE Museum is the First Independent Virtual Museum of Fine Arts.

2/ Best 3D technologies applied to virtual environment : fluidity & precision of 3D navigation, realism of spaces, high definition images,
immediate access to quality information on each artist, each artwork.


3/ … (To be continued…)