The Artists

When we set up DDiArte in 1999, at that time it was a painting workshop where we brought together the best of both of us for the purposes of creation, painting on canvas. In 2003, after several experiences in the field or digital photography, we discovered the ideal means to express our creativity – Digital Photography artistically touched up.

Within the context historiography of art, the use of photography, and more specifically, touching up photographs, is nothing new. We do however aim to innovate somewhat, in terms of the themes on which our work is based. Regardless of the fact that our main source of inspiration is mythology, up-to-date themes or others that are the simple fruit of our creativity, still remain full of details, of symbols, of images, an attempt to captivate, but mainly, as an attempt to stimulate critical thought in viewers.

While some of our work can be seen as satirical in a globalized world, yet still full of differences, other examples can be seen as purely scenic, to be contemplated at will. If some shout out against discrimination, at the same time they pay indelible homage to beauty.




"Breast Cancer" - DDiArte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


"The Descent of the Cross" - DDiArte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


" Body Mask" - DDiArte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


"Cupidos Playground" - DDiArte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


  • 2020 - “PX3-Prix da la Photogrphie de Paris”, - Silver Award with “Helius Dream” Series in Special Effects and Honorable Mention in Fine Art  - Paris, France

  • 2020 - "6th Fine Art Photography Awards" 7 photos finalists, London contest

  • 2020 - "WPE International Photographers Awards" Crystal Trophy of 1st place in the photomanipulation category, “Honors of Excellence" Final 2019

  • 2020 - "One Eyeland Awards"- 2 Silver medals and two finalists – India

  • 2020 - "Tokyo International Foto Awards” - 1 Gold Medal, 2 Bronze Medals and 4 Honorable Mentions

  • 2020 - “Moscow International Foto Awards“ - 1 Gold Medal, 3 Bronze Medals and 3 Honorable Mentions

  • 2020 – “International Salon Print and Digital Art Photography Varna 2019”, 2 Gold Medals and 2 Honorable Mentions – Varna

  • 2020 - "Chromatic Awards", 2 Silver medals and 10 Honorable Mentions

  • 2019 - "International Photography Awards", 4 Honorable Mentions - USA

  • 2019 “PX3-Prix da la Photogrphie de Paris”, - Honorable Mention - Paris, France

  • 2019 - "Moscow International Foto Awards”, Honorable Mention - Moscow

  • 2019 - "World Photographic Cup"3th Prize in Illustrative/Digital Art - Norway

  • 2019 - “Fine Art Photography Awards”, 7 nominations in Nudes, Photomanipulation, Fashion, Portrait and Animals - London, England

  • 2019 "International Colors Awards", Honorable Mention in Fine Art and 4 nominees for best photo in Nude, Advertising and Fine Art - NY, USA

  • 2019 - "One Eyeland Photography Awards 2018", 2 Bronze Medals in "Collage", Bronze Medal in "Nude" and a photo finalist in Pets " - India

  • 2019 - "Tokyo International Photography Awards-TIFA 2019", Silver Medal in "Nature/Pets", Honourable Mention in "Special Effects" - Tokyo, Japan

  • 2018 - "Chromatic Awards", Gold Medal in "Photomanipulation", 5 Honourable Mentions in "Nude", "Portrait", "Pets" and Photomamanipulation"

  • 2018 “5th Barcelona Foto Biennale”, - Best creativity award - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2018- “PX3-Prix da la Photogrphie de Paris”, 1 Silver Medal, Professional Fine Art Collage, and 3 Honourable Mentions - Paris , France

  • 2018- “Moscow International Photography Awards-MIFA Professionals”, Honourable Mention in "Fine Art Nudes" - Moscow, Russia

  • 2018- "World Photographic Cup", 4th Prize and 10th in Illustrative/Digital Art - Sydney, Australia

  • 2018- "Muse Creative Awards 2018", Platinum Award in Photography Digital Enhance- NY, USA

  • 2018- "Fine Art Photography Awards 2018", 7 Nominations for best photo in 3 professional categories, Nude, Photomanipulation and Fashion - London, England

  • 2018 - "Tokyo International Photography Awards-TIFA 2017", Gold Medal in "Advertising - Music", Silver Medal in "Photomanipulation" and 4 Honorable Mentions - Tokyo, Japan

  • 2018 - "Photographers of the year 2017" by the prestigious Spanish contemporary art magazine "Dodho", with the project "Autumn" - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2018 - "International Colors Awards", 2 Honourable Mention in "Commercial" and "Nude" and 9 nominations - NY, USA

  • 2018 - "One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017", 3 Bronze Medals in "Nude", "Photo manipulation" and "Digitally Enhanced" and a photo finalist in " Photo manipulation " - India

  • 2017- “ND AWARDS”, 3 Honourable Mention in "Photomanipulation", 1 Honourable Mention in "Nude", 1 Honourable Mention in "Conceptual" and 1 Honourable Mention in "Daily Live"- EUA

  • 2017- "10th Pollux Awards" Absolute winner and winner in 2 categories "Alternative Process" and "Nude & Figure"

  • 2017- "Odessos Photo Exhibition", Gold Medal and one Judge's Choice Award in "Creative", one Bronze Medal in "Street Live", one Judge's Choice Award in "Open Color" and one distinction by the Photographic Society of Varna in "Portrait" - Odessos, Bulgaria

  • 2017- "International Photography Awards", 2 Honourable Mentions, one in"Fine Art Collage" and other in "Pets" - LA, USA

  • 2017- “Moscow International Photography Awards-MIFA Professionals”, 2º and 3º Prize in "Fine Art Special Effects ", 2º Prize in "Fine Art Nudes" and 2º Prize in "Beauty"- Moscow, Russia

  • 2017- "3rd International Salon of Print and Digital Art Varna", Gold Medal in "Action/Movement/Sport" - Varna Bulgaria

  • 2017- “PX3-Prix da la Photogrphie de Paris”, 2 Gold Medals, one in Professional Fine Art Collage other in Advertisement Music, and 3 Honourable Mentions - Paris, France

  • 2017- "Fine Art Photography Awards 2017", 6 Nominations for best photo in 4 professional categories, Nude, Portrait, Photomanipulation e Conceptual - London, England

  • 2017- "Photo Contest Bulgaria 2016", Gold Medal and Honourable Mention in "Body & Face"- Bulgaria

  • 2016- “Tokyo International Photography Awards-TIFA”, 2 Bronze awards in "Fine Art Collage", 1 Honourable Mention in "Fine Art Nude"- Tokyo, Japan

  • 2016- “KUNST HEUTE AWARD”, Nominee for best Photo/Digital Art - Munich, Germany

  • 2016- "International Photography Awards", 1º Place and 2 Honourable Mentions in "Fine Art Collage" - LA, USA

  • 2016- “ND AWARDS”, 3º Place and 2 Honourable Mentions in Photomanipulation and one Honourable Mention in Nudes - EUA

  • 2016- “PX3-Prix da la Photogrphie de Paris”, Silver Medal in Professional Fine Art Collage - PAris , France

  • 2016- “One Eyeland Awards 2016”, Bronze Award in "Fine Art Collage" - India

  • 2016- "Odessos Photo Exhibition", Gold Medal, one Honourable Mention and one Judge's Choice Award in "Beauty", Cover photo of catalogue by DDiArte - Odessos, Bulgaria

  • 2016- “9º International Photographic Salon Varna”, Gold Medal by Global Photographic Union and Honourable Mention by Royal Photographic Society - Varna, Bulgaria

  • 2016 - “Moscow International Photography Awards-MIFA Professionals”, 3º Prize and Honourable Mention in "Fine Art Collage", Honourable Mention in "Fine Art Special Effects" - Moscow, Russia

  • 2016- "Muse Creative Awards2016", Platinum Award in Photography Digital Enhance - NY, USA

  • 2016- "Fine Art Photography Awards", 3 nominations for best photo, 2 in photomanipulation an 1 in Conceptual - London, England

  • 2016- "World Photographic Cup", 1º Prize Gold Medal in Commercial Photo and Silver Medal in Illustrative/Digital Art - Porto, Portugal

  • 2016 - Gold Medal of Merit attributed to DDiArte by the Town Hall of Funchal, Madeira

  • 2015- "Trierenberg Super Circuit Photography" - GRAND PRIX Winner, 4 Gold medals and 1 Silver Medal – Linz, Austria

  • 2015- "World Photographic Cup", 1º Prize Gold Medal in Illustrative/Digital Art and Bronze Medal in Commercial - Montpelier France

  • 2015- "European Photographer of the year 2015" by European Federation and Golden and Silver Camera in Illustrative/Fine Art category

  • 2015- "Fine Art Photography Awards", 2º Prize in Conceptual Category - London

  • 2015 - "ND Awards", Honorable Mention in Fine Art - Photomanipulation

  • 2015- “Photography Masters Contest”, 1º Prize - Italy

  • 2014- "Al Thani Awards of Photography", 1º Prize Gold Medal in General - Doha, Qatar

  • 2014 –"World Photographic Cup", 1º Prize Gold Medal in Illustrative/Fine Art - USA

  • 2014- “7th Annual Photography Masters Cup", Honourable Mention in Fine Art Professional - New York/London

  • 2013- “International Fine Art Photography Competition”, Juror Award of Merit in "Experimental" - Paris, France

  • 2012 – "Trierenberg Super Circuit Photography", Gold Medal by the "Photographic Society of America" for best in show, Gold Medal by the "International Federation of photographic art", Gold Medal in " DIGITAL IMAGES GENERAL", Gold Medal in Special Themes NUDES Gold Medal in "CANON-you can, Gold Medal in "DIGITAL IMAGES EXPERIMENTAL "

  • 2012- “6th Annual Photography Masters Cup", Honourable Mention in Fine Art Professional - New York/London

  • 2011 –"European Fine Art Photographer of the year 2010", 1º Prize by Federation of the European Photographers

  • 2011- "International Contemporary Master Award 2011", 1º Prize for World Wide Art Books in Stª Barbara, California, USA

  • 2011 –"5th Annual Photography Masters Cup", 2º Prize Merit of Excellence & Honourable Mention in "Nude" category - New York & London

  • 2012- “6th Annual Photography Masters Cup", Honourable Mention in Fine Art Professional - New York/London

  • 2011 - “European Photographers of the Year 2011”, Silver Camera, 2 Golden, 3 Silver & 1 Bronze Awards by FEP European Professional Photographer

  • 2011 –"5th Annual Photography Masters Cup", 2º Prize Merit of Excellence & Honorable Mention in "Nude" category - New York & London

  • 2011 – 3 photographs published in French magazine PHOTO, among the best images in the largest competition of photography in the world, one highlighting the entire page.

  • 2010 – “4th Photography Masters Cup”, 4 photos finalists in “International Color Awards”, 2 in “Nude Professional”, 1 in "Advertising professional" and other one in "Fine Art Professional - New York & London

  • 2009 – “3th Photogarphy Masters Cup”, a photo included in the catalogue of the International Color Awards, among the 50 best in the category of Professional Nude, after an international contest.

  • 2009 – Tow photographs published in French magazine PHOTO, as best images of the largest competition of photography in the world, one of them highlighting in a full page

  • 2008 - A photograph published in French magazine PHOTO, as one of the best images in the largest competition of photography in the world.

  • 2007 – “VI International Biennal of Photography XLV Gaudi Medal”, Tow Gold and two bronze, with the (FIAP)- International Federation for Photographic Art, Spain, Reus

  • 2007 - " VII International Biennial of Photography XLVII MEDALLA Gaudi ", Medal of Honour Award of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) in prize city of Reus of Photography, given to artists more winners at the global level, Spain, Reus

  • 2007 – Tow photographs published in French magazine PHOTO, among the best images in the largest competition of photography in the world.

  • 2006 – “European Newspaper Award”, Award of Excellence (Photo of Sectional Front Page)

  • 2006 – A photograph published in French PHOTO, highlighting the entire page as one of the best images in the largest competition of photography in the world.

  • 2005 – “VI International Biennal of Photography XLV Gaudi Medal”, Gold Medal and Bronze Medal (FIAP) - International Federation fo Photographic Art, Spain, Reus

  • 2004 – Tow photographs published in French magazine PHOTO, as one of the best images of greater competition of photography in the world.

  • 2003 – One photograph awarded in Paris by PHOTO / CEGETEL in the contest “The Freedom of Fixed Phone” and it was in Paris outdoors

  • 2003 – “V International Biennal of Photography XLIII Gaudi Medal”, Bronze Medal (FIAP)- International Federation fo Photographic Art – in Spain, Reus



31 Breast cancer 1500.jpg

" Extinction Extremis" - DDiArte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


"The Neobaroque Verigo"

DDiArte´s symbolic reinterpretations of mythological and profane imaginary, out of Christian iconography, in juxtaposition of literature and art history references, are linked to contemporary artistic proposals in a staging and subversive manipulation steeped in irony, satire, humour, kitsch reminiscences, POP and surrealist references, to the very sarcastic representation of postmodern “identity(ies)”.

DDiArte´s aesthetic proposals, play and are subject to the “vicissitudes of the viewer”; their images appear as “apogee” of Revelation. Recreations shrouded in bizarre realities that staging the action of “instant” surprise us in their ironic contemporary “meetings”.

To see DDiArte is contemplating a performative stage, biographical, scenic and symbolic; a privileged stage of “convulsive” revelation, the exaltation of the body and eroticism. References to classical painting, its ideal of beauty and proportion, are constant as well as the dynamism and movement of baroque light involving the Nude – central element in DDiArte´s aesthetic. There is a constant game of contrasts, ambiences, paradoxes, promoting dialogue, and makes us accomplices of the overlap fiction and “real effect”.

Understanding DDiArte is still understand the experience of Artists inseparable from their works. Relevant current issues are present in scenarios that deconstruct or warn of social and political issues, fertile territories of metaphors and allegories, where the fruitful DDiArte subversion, unavoidable neo-baroque work, is an epilogue of Postmodern Art.


                                                                                                                                                                                           Filipe Melo Sousa


"Two in Motion - IV" - DDiArte

"Two in Motion" Series

©DDiarte all rights reserved


“Two in Motion” is a series composed of 60 photographs, in black and white.

It was a work done with a couple of dancers at the DDiArte studio, with the aim of decorating a design hotel in the city of Funchal.

All the photos are permanently exposed in all the spaces of the hotel, including the wooden doors that were each printed with a photo, thus forming a ballet that starts at the reception of the hotel up to the top floor.

"Autumn" - DDiArte

"Autumn" Series

©DDiarte all rights reserved

“Autumn” is a photographic series made with a dance company, where the dancers dance on dry leaves reminiscent of autumn. All poses express feelings and aesthetic beauty of the human bodies.


64 two in motion 4 copie.jpg
65 Autumn.jpg

"Two in Motion"

53 Helius dream I.jpg

"Helius Dream - I" - DDiArte

"Helius Dream" Series

©DDiarte all rights reserved


"Helius Dream" is a series that addresses the theme that one day the sun will no longer illuminate the planet earth.

Helius leaves and the earth remains in darkness, making life on the planet very difficult. Did Helius give oranges the power to shine? will it be enough to sustain life on earth? what will come next?

"Helius Dream"

000 -60 The Crow IV.jpg

"The Crow IV" - DDiArte

"The Crow" Series

©DDiarte all rights reserved


"The Crow" is a photographic series that takes us into a world after the apocalypse. The naked man, depleted of all material goods, may represent total loss, or else a fresh start. The crow that represents death, loneliness, bad luck, evil omen. On the other hand, it can symbolize cunning, healing, wisdom, fertility, hope.

When people look at the series and depending on their spirit it can lead to seriousness for the end of the world or for the hopes of a better world.

"The Crow"

The Venus of the mirror.jpg

"Solo Exhibitions"

"The Mirror Venus" - DDiarte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


2020 – Solo Show at The ONE - The ONE Museum (www.the-one-museum.com)

2018 – “The Neobarroque Vertigo”, Atlantic Culture Center, Machico, Portugal

2017 – “Photography and coreography”, Headquarters of the order of engineers, Funchal, Portugal

2016 – DDiArte and the Art of Photomanipulation, "Ete des Portraits”, Salle Pingré, Boubon Lancy, France

2014 – “DDiArte” AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2012 – “DDiArte” AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2012 – “Dancing in the Blue” clube Naval, Funchal, Portugal

2011 - "Family - Universe of Affections", FNAC, Funchal, Portugal

2011 – “Expo DDiArte”, Aliança Underground Museum, Sangalhos, Portugal

2010 – “Diferent Bodies”, Madeira Shopping, Funchal, Portugal

2010 –“Expo DDiArte”, Quinta da Bacalhoa, Portugal

2010 – “Corpvs”, Wurth Museum La Rioja, Spain

2010 –“Expo DDiArte”, Art Center – Casa das Mudas , Calheta, Portugal


"Welcome" - DDiArte 

©DDiarte all rights reserved


2019 - "THE POWER THAT WE HAVE IN", Sé Boutique Hotel, Funchal, Portugal

2018 - “Barcelona Foto Biennale”, Space Nau Bostik, Barcelona, Spain

2018 – “The World Through my Eyes” International Photography Exhibition,  Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona, Spain

2018 – “The 1x Decade Exhibition”, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shangai, China

2017 – “Island Views”, La Vie Shopping, Funchal, Portugal

2017 – “Rebuilding Lives”, Platinium Gum, Funchal, Portugal

2017 – “It´s Time, Orvieto Fotografia”, Orvieto, Italy

2016 – "Summer Photo Festival - Re-VOLUTION", Barletta , Puglia, Italy

2016 – “Staging and Revelation IV”, AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2015 -  "Trierenberg Super Circuit photography", Design Center, Linz, Austria

2015 – “Staging and Revelation III”, AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2014 - “Staging and Revelation II”, AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2013 – “Learn from Differences”, Escola Francisco Franco, Funchal, Portugal

2013 - “Staging and Revelation I”, AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2012 - "Trierenberg Super Circuit photography", Design Center, Linz, Austria

2012 – “Contemporary Photography”, AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2012 - "From head to toe", Museum Würth - Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

2012 - "Angels and Demons", Nazaré Church, Funchal, Portugal

2012 – “Design Week”, Escola Francisco Franco, Funchal, Portugal

2011 - "The books of the Bible", Nazaré Church, Funchal, Portugal

2011 – “Femina”, Casa da Luz Museum, Funchal, Portugal

2011 - "European Fine Art Photographer of the year 2010", Lyon, France

2010 – "NAMBAN JIN 3 # XXI", 10 photos DDiArte at Art Gallery Eye of Gyre inTokyo, Japan

2010 – “People and Landscapes”, at Falkenstren Fine Art & Atlier Sprote, Germany

2010 - "Body and Matter", Contemporary Art Museum of Sintra, Portugal

2008 - "Happy Days" Collective Exhibition at the Casa da Guia, Cascais, Portugal

2008 - "Feeling Nude", travelling exhibitions in several galleries and cultural centres, major cities of Brazil, in multimedia, with nude works of art.

2008 - “Body and Matter”, Five artists in Madeira – exhibition of art from the Berardo collection – curator Romaric Buel in Sintra Museum of Modern Art

"Group Exhibitions"

12 Narcissus.jpg

"Selected Portfolios, Features & Reviews"

"Narcissus"  - DDiArte

©DDiarte all rights reserved


"Gifts of Water" - DDiArte 

©DDiarte all rights reserved


  • 2020 – “Quintessence 2000-2020” by Trierenberg Super Circuit, two DDiArte photos among the best of the century.

  • 2020 – “You got the Power” by DDiArte at “Pictures” German Magazine

  • 2020 – 2 DDiArte photos in the “Chromatic Photography Awards” Annual Book

  • 2019 – 3 pages dedicated to DDiArte at Chiiz Magazine

  • 2019 – 4 DDiArte photos illustrating an article at “It Magazine”

  • 2018 – Article about DDiArte at “Inspiracje”, Poland

  • 2018 - DDiArte published at Circle Quarterly Art Review

  • 2018 – DdiArte Published at “Best of the Best Photographers of 2017” oneeyeland, India

  • 2018 - Interview with photos of DDiArte in PLAYBOY Italy, March 2018

  • 2017 - Article and interview to DDiArte in 16 pages on MW magazine, Italy

  • 2017 - DDiArte published at Circle Quarterly Art Review

  • 2017 -From Check Republic the magazine "IT" with DDiArte Work

  • 2017 - Article in "Graine de Photographe" with 22 photos

  • 2017 – DdiArte photography opens the “Gender Neutral Magazine”

  • 2017 – Fashion editorial by DDiArte ate “Polis Art Magazine”, Portugal

  • 2016 – “The Neobaroque Vertigo” book exclusive dedicated to DDiArte´s Phtotgraphies

  • 2016 - DDiArte article with many DDiArte photos at “Dodho”

  • 2016 – Cover and Fashion editorial by DDiArte at “Polis Art Magazine”, Portugal

  • 2016 -From China, one of the best and biggest photography magazines arrives, considers the DDiArte photo "Cupidos Playground" as one of the best photos of 2015, with highlight on two pages!

  • 2015 - CD cover by DDiArte to Italian group "Pugaciov Sulla Luna"

  • 2015 - Article about DDiArte in the most important Newspaper in Austria.

  • 2015 - Two pages article, about DDiArte in "JORNAL i"

  • 2015 - From the UK an article about DDiArte  in “Halfmanhalfwall Monthly Magazine”

  • 2015 – From Brasil an article at “Grande Angular” about DDiArte winning the “European Photogrpher of the year”

  • 2014 - From Paris the luxury magazine "NORMAL" with cover and back cover with DDiArte photo and a 24-page Article with DDiArte!

  • 2014 -DDiArte's work carried out with some ADAM dancers for the elaboration of all images and design of the Nuno & The End music CD "Light Ahead"

  • 2014 - Fom Amsterdam an article about DDiArte at “Naked Noises” Magazine

  • 2014 "PASSION" limited edition collection book, with the participation of DDiArte. A real tribute to photography, a real pleasure for this book.

  • 2014 - From New York, DDiArte  at Luxury book “EXPOSURE!”

  • 2014 - From Canada DDiArte in 10 pages, interview and photos in the Canadian magazine “VITRUVIAN”, dedicated to the beauty of the male body.

  • 2013 -DDiArte is the cover of the oldest photography magazine in Spain, published 61 years ago. We are the first Portuguese to be on the cover, with the great models of Madeiran photography Quélia Vieira. Inside a DDiArte portfolio.

  • 2013 – “Dancing in the Blue” ate the “Republic” Art Magazine

  • 2013 - DDiArte published in Indonesia, Limmie magazine in exclusive edition. Magazine dedicated to creatives around the world, a luxury on about 700 pages

  • 2012 - luxury book, "INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS" Vol. VI, by the USA publisher, World Wide Art Books, 6 pages dedicated to our work for being the best photographers of 2012 in their opinion!

  • 2012 -Book published on the occasion of the collective exhibition "From head to toe", in GERMANY at the Museum Würth - Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall.Two DDiArte works from the "Body Talking" series, together with Picasso, Andy Warhol, Klimt, José de Guimarães, Henry Moore, Botero, Max Ernst, Marc Quinn, among other great contemporary artists.

  • 2012 - "NO WORDS" collection book, with the participation of DDiArte, limited edition, 2222 copies.

  • 2012 - DDiArte in PHOCAL Magazine n6, 11 pag with interview and 14 photos

  • 2012 - DDiArte featured in the publication “Les Artistes du Web” , Lille, France

  • 2012 - DDiArte na FOTO CULT Italiana, artigo sobre os fotografos premiados pela Federação Europeia de Fotografos Profissionais em 2011

  • 2012 -DDiArte at Italian FOTO CULT, article about photographers awarded by the European Federation of Professional Photographers in 2011

  • 2012 - DDiArte published at Volumetric World Magazine (VoWoM). Based on Moscow

  • 2012 - DDiArte at the French PHOTO of Jan / Feb 2012

  • 2012 - DDiArte in "Pratical Photoshop" magazine nº 8, "Square Sin" was chosen to be presented and explain how it was done.

  • 2011 - DDiArte at PHOTO! The French magazine took a photo of us and made a detailed analysis.

  • 2011 – DDiArte Featured at Brazilian OBVIOUS : “DDiArte Digital Barroque”

  • 2011 - DDiArte at the French PHOTO of Jan 2011, full page

  • 2011 - "Spirit" magazine of the airline SATA Internacional. 10 pages dedicated to DDiArte

  • 2010 - Photo that was nominated at the 2009 Masters Cup of photography for best nude photo (professional) at PHOTO PAPER 2010

  • 2010 - DP- Arte Fotográfica magazine # 28 (October 2010). Cover Photo: DDiArte. Six DDiArte pages dedicated to conceptual photography

  • 2010 - Book "OLHAR A NU" 4 pages with nudes DDiArte

  • 2010 - "OLHARES" book with the 100 best photos of the site "olhares.com" with a photo DDiArte

  • 2010 - magazine of "Federacion Espanola de Profesionales de la Fotografia y de la Imagen" 24 pages dedicated to DDiArte, edition in Spain of July / August.

  • 2010 - Photo DDiArte cover of the magazine "The world of digital photography" inside more than 10 pages DDiArte

  • 2010 - Photo DDiArte on the cover of Timeout on the occasion of our exop at the Museum of modern art in Sintra

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