"Unforessen Transition"

Frank Chinea Inguanzo (U.S.A.)

Solo Show

July 9 to October 9, 2021




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Frank Chinea Inguanzo is the first Permanent Artist of The ONE Museum to produce an entire exhibition of paintings especially released (and yet unseen) for the ONE Museum and its visitors. He has worked those 2 full last years for producing this show. Placing himself exactly in the spirit that The One Museum tries to convey through its original approach of exceptional exhibitions, I would like to express my infinite gratitude and friendship to him. 

By this kind of Frank’s generous gesture, we can understand even better how much the character is honest, true, full of human attention and delicacy, and so attached to the quality of his work, to the message that he has in heart to transmit, to the respect that he maintains towards his public or more generally the philosophy of life opened to the world that he maintains in his own life.


Life is a succession of unforeseen transitions, some more than others... in this respect, 2020 & 2021 have been years like no others…

It is all these unexpected situations and the mixed feelings they have generated that Frank Chinea Inguanzo wished to express on canvas with all the touching and original poetry that we expect from him... The exhibition is a maestria of colours and a whirlwind of dislocated, stacked, intertwined, spiritually connected worlds, in which back doors open onto Light and Hope. The theme being conceptual we have wanted to articulate the exhibition into two distinctive parts, the years before, and the time during.


Frank Chinea Inguenzo, rich of its Cuban birth influences and all his life experiences, visually tells his own special poetry like no others. I find a spiritual link with Marc Chagall and his dreamy characters hanting the skies, a connection with his narrative and figurative style implemented in spirituality, immateriality, timelessness and its hopes, counterbalancing temporality and its anxieties. But although both are emigrants, the countries of origin and the host countries are not the same, nor are the religions, nor the eras, which forges their own universes and their own pictorial dialect finally leading to real personal expressions.

The Cuba of Frank’s origins somehow gives his painting reminiscent motifs, a very particular palette of colours, naive figures, but none of those particularities ever dip into caricatured ethnicity, far from this, and this is undoubtedly also due to the eventful life that his emigration to the USA brought him into contact with a completely different culture that he also had to assimilate or to fight and which, through this duality, makes all his life and so, his painting, more complex. The motifs become labyrinthic abysses in which the palette of colours becomes darker and more tricky, to where the characters seem to be wandering haggardly, endlessly, or fighting against their condition and inescapable situations. There could be something of Dante’s inferno if we were not into everyday reality … but isn’t it precisely already some Hell?

Nonetheless Frank Chinea Inguanzo's painting is imbued with a great deal of feeling, sensitivity and compassion. His painting is also extremely thoughtful, and as such tackles complex, even esoteric subjects. Thus, the labyrinthine shadows that one would have thought immutable, piled up and closed forever, are perforated, broken by doors opening onto the clarity of a still possible paradise or ascending roads rising towards celestial spirituality, offering redemption to the wandering souls that haunt the subconscious of an artist who never ceases to question himself. In the end, there is always a lot of benevolence in the painter's message, because the man does love his alter ego, respects it deeply, takes care of it and cherishes it even more sincerely, and when you know Frank, this beautiful human being, when you work with him, that is exactly what you definitely feel positive and beautiful when you come into contact with him.


Thierry Gulian

Curator at The ONE Museum