"Curated by… Pierre Leotard" Exhibition

May 29 to November 29, 2021


— We warn that some scenes of nudity in the exhibition may offend the youngest audience (under the age of 18) —




- As the exhibition is really HUGE and actual 3D technologies are what they are - even curently the best - for a smooth experience,

Please allow a certain waiting time, at least 2 MINUTES - that's whatever far less time consuming than queuing up at the entrance of a physical museum and much more comfortable! Isn't it? -

you just need to wait until seeing everything perfectly sharp inside of the exhibition hall

before definitively entering in cliking on the exhibition pop-up window "Enter Exhibition".

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" Curated by… Pierre Léotard "

3 solo shows brought together on 2400m2 (25.835 sq.ft)

Since its opening in June 2020, The ONE Museum had announced from the outset (see the ONE Manifesto) that it would do everything in its power to avoid falling into the easy, one-size-fits-all thinking and sclerotic habits that are unfortunately commonplace in a number of institutions. To this end, it wanted to regularly open its doors to independent international curators, i.e. those outside the ONE Museum, giving them complete freedom in the selection of artists and works.
This first exhibition, entrusted to Pierre Léotard, whose expertise is known and recognized by all, inaugurates a new biannual cycle of exhibitions "Curated by..." which will be commissioned each time by a new curator and which will be added to our traditional exhibition programme.

We would like to thank:
Pierre Léotard for his constant kindness, his penchant for the most improbable challenges and his boundless professionalism, which he immediately accepted with enthusiasm to put at the service of the sublime exhibition he built for us. Our infinite gratitude!

Mélanie Dornier, Thierry Lathoud and Vanda Spengler, 3 true photographic authors with such different and complementary universes, 3 strong, poetic (each in his/her own special way), and extremely talented authors' visions. A big thank you to you, the Artists! Thank you for your trust! Thank you for bringing to photography all that you are humanly as well as all the extent of your immense talent !

We do hope that you will enjoy this show as much as we do at The ONE Museum.

Thierry Gulian

Curator of The ONE Museum

The Word from the Invited Curator:

Mélanie Dornier, Vanda Spengler and Thierry Lathoud have this in common, apart from the use of the photographic medium, to look at our times in their own special way. This vision goes far beyond a «representation», it is a reflection on a world that each of us builds or forgets. What have we retained from yesterday, what have we done with today, what will we build tomorrow?
Whatever the framing, the technique used or the poetry of the image; whatever the way it shows the body or the memory, everything in these proposed works questions whoever knows how to look. It is this set of questions, subtle and indirect, that seduced me as much as the investment and the desire to show that emanates from each of these works.

Pierre Leotard


Mélanie Dornier (France) 


Thierry Lathoud (France) 

Author - Photographer

Vande Spengler (France/ Switzeland) 

Author - Photographer

Pierre Leotard (France)