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The First Independent Virtual Museum for Fine Arts


A 110.000 Sq.Ft "Now Here & Nowhere" Museum


dedicated to Fine Arts




Curated with "Delight & Open-Mind"


by Thierry Gulian and Birdyland



Current Exhibitions

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9400m2 (102.000sq.ft) of permanent exhibition space making The ONE Museum the First and Biggest Independent Virtual Museum for Fine Arts, absolutely on the Web.

- "L'Âne Rouge" (The Red Donkey) : PELLY ANGELOPOULOU (Belgium/ Greece)

    November 20, 2021 - April 20, 2022

     The Biggest retropective Show to date for the Worldwide Acclaimed Artist

       A Solo Show in 3 Parts:

1/ "The Obscure Objects of My Desire" :  Contemporary Mosaics and Sculptures,

2/ "Souvenirs du Futur, The π+A Project" :  Collages (Collaboration with Axel Leotard),

3/ "Pelly's Little Red Boudoir" : A VERY special Private Exhibition (reserved to The ONE Museum Privilege Members) on Free membership Subscrption.

       More than 200 artworks on 3000m2 (33.000 sq.ft) of Exhibition Area

- Solo Show at The ONE Museum: FRANK CHINEA INGUANZO (USA) - Paintings

     "Unforeseen Transition" : Life is a succession of unforeseen transitions, some more than others...

                                                             In this respect, 2020/2021 have been years like no others.

      A collection of 40 new paintings, yet unseen & especially produced for The ONE Museum show - on               800m2 (9000sq.ft)

- "Curated by…" biannual Exhibition: 

     May 29 - November 29, 2021

     on 2400m2 (26.000sq.ft)

                3 monographic exhibitions against single-mindedness and scerotic habits featuring:

                - Mélanie Dornier (France) - Photography

                - Thierry Lathoud (France) - Photography

                - Vanda Spengler (France / Switzerland) - Photography

- Birdy Tg  Permanent Exhibition:

       . on 1400m2 (15.000sq.ft)

       A selection of the artist's works from "The Fabulous Opera" and "In the Garden of God and the Devil" Series

      + on 400m2 (4.400sq.ft) February 27 - October 9, 2021

       Temporary exhibition: "Birdy Tg's "Architectures" Series

- The ONE Museum  Permanent Collection:

       . on 3000m2 (330.000sq.ft)

       A selection of the best works of The Permanent Artists of The ONE Museum: 20 Artists of the 5 Continents

- The Archive Exhibitions:

       Reserved to our Privilege Members only on FREE SUBSCIPTION (Membership)

       A selection of our best past exhibitions kept in display for our our Privilege Members only.

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The ONE Collection

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On 17 October 2020, The ONE Museum doubled its exhibition space by adding over 3000 m2 (over 33.000 sq.ft) of brand new exhibition halls dedicated to host The ONE Collection.

The ONE Collection is made up of a selection among the very best works by the Permanent Artists of the ONE Museum:


Pelly Angelopoulou (Greece / Belgium) - Birdy Tg (France) - Julio Bittencourt (Brazil) - Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia) - Frank Chinea Inguanzo (USA)  Taeho Choi (South Korea) - DDiArte (Portugal) - Igor Goryunov (Russia) - Robert Houzar (Czech Republic) - Thierry Lathoud (France) 

Jean David Nkot (Cameroon) - André Perlstein (France) - Jean Podevin (France) - Jan Pruski (Poland) - Paula Rosa (Portugal)

Wolfgang Stiller (Germany) - Jaya Suberg (Germany) - Tatsuo Suzuki (Japan) - Onni Wiljami (Finland).


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Meet the Artists


ONE Focus

The ONE Focus Section shows a Fine Selection of

International Artists The ONE Museum Follows & actively Supports.

They will obviously be part of our upcoming solo exhibition program.

The high quality of their work and their artistic integrity make them among the best Artists in their discipline,

We strongly encourage you to give them the Love they really deserve.


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Privilege ONE Membership & Private Exhibition


Private Exhibition
Nov 20, 2021 - April 20, 2022

You need to subscribe (FREE) to get Access
to the ONE Hidden Place and its Private Exhibition
"Pelly's Little Red Boudoir"
reserved to The Privilege ONE Members only

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