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The Artist

Written by Alain Bergala…


I have known and followed Karine Degiorgis' photographic work for several years now. What strikes me more and more is the way she has never deviated an inch from her project, in which every sequence of her work and every exhibition is a stage and, each time, she starts again from this threshold to move towards the new and the unknown within the project itself.

In order to stick to such a unity of project, she must obviously have had a strong question for photography from the very beginning. She never theoretically posed this question as a conceptual programme. There is nothing theoretical about her photographic gesture, it is made up of encounters with people (especially the faces and bodies of her models) and places that make her eager to enter a new stage of her creation. It therefore remains pragmatic, but always guided by a question that her photography works on and that each shooting session clarifies and moves at the same time.

I've always thought, at a time where concept too often takes precedence over the creative experience itself, that she has found a very good balance between the prepared and the improvised, conscious research and unexpected discovery. Her photographic series all bear the trace of a rich and lively tension between the two poles of the photographic gesture: foreseeing and allowing oneself to be surprised, preparing and improvising, following a line and accepting the detours offered by chance encounters, lights, places. Her relationship with the "models" is also made up of chance, intuition and bets: by choosing this or that person, she bets more on a mystery that she detects within herself, whose approach will be constitutive of her inspiration and her desire to proceed to the act of photography. A part of this mystery and opacity always remains intact in her photographs that these models have inspired, as if photography had no right to consume the charm and opacity.

Karine Degiorgis' photographic series are haunted by a quest that I see no equivalent in any other contemporary photographer, that of a fictional dimension that is strictly photographic, which owes nothing to cinema. Her characters, her places are inhabited by mysterious calls from the fictional imagination without her ever having recourse to any kind of cinema type scenario. Her series are in no way sequences or montages, they are worlds with a strong imaginary colouring in which each photo is both fragment and totality. These characters do nothing that could be assigned to a detectable scenario: it is their postures, their gestures that constitute the fictional dimension of a universe barely different from the ordinary one. Photography captures an aura of another nature than their simple "being there", an aura made of another dimension, imaginary, with the scent of fiction without the heaviness of a narrative.


Alain Bergala


"Deep Narcisse" - Karine Degiorgis

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


"Uccelli 3" - Karine Degiorgis

©Karine degiorgis all rights reserved


Uccelli 3 Karine Degiorgis photographie.
  • 2021: Exhibition at Artbox Projects Gallery, Zurich.
    2021 : Artsy by Artbox Projects Gallery Zurich.
    2020 : FotoNostrum Exhibition, 14th PoLLux Awards , Mediterranean House of Photography - 4 - 20 March - Barcelona.
    2020 : Gallery YIA-ART-FAIR , Contemporary House .
    2019 : YIA Salon d'arts contemporain 118 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris , with Galerie Percept Même .
    2019 : Blank Wall Gallery , Athens , Greece .
    2019 : Corridor Elephant Gallery , https://www.corridorelephantgallery.com/karine-degiorgis
    2018 : Espace Fontaine , Arnouville.
    2017 : www.corridorelephant.com  Online Gallery , Paris .
    2017 : Palais de l'Archevêché , Joseph Antonin Gallery , Arles .
    2016 : La Chapelle Sainte Anne, Joseph Antonin Gallery , Arles .
    2015 : "La quatrième Image" , international photography exhibition , Espace des Blancs Manteaux Paris 4ème.
    2014 : "La quatrième Image" , International Photography Exhibition , Espace des Blancs Manteaux Paris 4ème .
    2013 : "La quatrième Image" , International Photography Exhibition , Espace des Blancs Manteaux Paris 4ème .
    2012 : Percept Même Gallery, Paris.
    2011 : Bluephotoproject Gallery, Lyon.
    2011 : Salon d'Automne , Les Champs Elysées , Paris, under the patronage of Bertrand Tavernier .
             Exhibition "Cherche" at the Espace Brançion Centre Sohane Benziane Paris 75015, Mairie de Paris .
    2010 : " inside(s) " exhibition, Château du Gros Buisson , Vigneux sur Seine
              " Photographs " Exhibition in a Private location, Hollywood, Los Angeles,
    2008 : "Residence" exhibition, Château du Gros Buisson, 91270 Vigneux-sur-Seine, with the support of Essonne         General Council.
    2007 : Solo exhibition "Projection(s)" in the context of an artist's residency at EMAP Vigneux - sur - Seine .
              Exhibition "Le Léopard" at the Transphotographiques de Lille .
    2005 : Group exhibition at the Palais du Verdurier in Limoges for the I.P.E.L. festival (Itinéraire photographique en Limousin).
              Exhibition on the site of Gallery 2 visu in Nancy.
              Group exhibition at the Salon d'art contemporain de Montrouge (50th) .
              Solo exhibition on the website of the Gallery Le bleu du ciel in Lyon .
    2004 : Group exhibition at the Salon d'art contemporain de Montrouge .
    2003 : Exhibition at the Voies Off festival in Arles .
    2002 : Collective exhibition " 2001 artists " at the Skydoor gallery in Tokyo.
              Exhibition, Les Voies Off festival in Arles.
              Collective exhibition " 2001 artists " at the Espace Tremani -Ebisu- Tokyo- Japan.
    2001 : Personal exhibition at the Espace d'art plastique du Gros Buisson (E.M.A.P) in Vigneux sur Seine.
              With the support of Val d'Oise General Council.
              Group exhibition at the Salon d'art contemporain de Montrouge
    1999:  Solo exhibition at Espace 88, Paris 3rd arrondissement.

    Artist Residence:
    From November 2007 to June 2008 at the Château du Gros Buisson, EMAP, Vigneux-sur-Seine.
    With the support of Essonne General Council.



Uccelli 7 Karine Degiorgis photographie.
Uccelli 7 Karine Degiorgis photographie.

" Uccelli 7" - Karine Degiorgis

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


«Uccelli» shows the burial in the depth of field, opaque and black,  toward the Uciellian night; but in a reverse movement, it is as if Knights and Hunters from the depths of the forests emerge out of the painting again (in black and white in the colour image, an abyss  of reminescence), in the foreground: fragments of paint re-generated  by the photograph. Here the painting does not give up its soul, it is the photography that tries to touch its mystery from the moving figures  of the photographic foregrounds, to the Knights and Hunters of the forest background…    



"Uccelli" Series


"Deep Narcisse Suite IV" - Karine Degiorgis

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


Degiorgis Karine - Deep Narcisse - Suite

​Narcissus - fascinated - loses himself in his image, which however always escapes in shining mirrors: infinite melancholy of the hero lost in the projective labyrinth, in pursuit of the Other...
​It is therefore not a literal interpretation of the Narcissus myth: here is not the superficial «narcissism» of our time - emptied and prostrate to watch itself wither away (by dint of having abandoned its soul), but the deep Narcissus: A return journey between the «I» and the «Self» (image of the «I») that allows the psyche to extract itself from the unconscious night... Elsewhere, this same psyche - the spirit - crosses different spaces-time at full speed, launched like Uccello’s dogs in a frantic quest for a figurative and original identity...



"Magnetic Fields" - Karine Degiorgis

"Magnetic Fields" Series

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


Figures crossed by Magnetic Fields  dance  a sort of cosmic ritual. Wave vibrations  catch the bodies by frequencies, move them away,  double them, bring them together again - the etenal  beginning of a movement, of a love, of a push, of a step,  of a passion,  of a whirwind.


"Magnetic Fields" Series

Degiorgis Karine - Deep Narcisse - Suite
Les Champs Magnetiques 1.jpg

"Deep Narcisse" Series

Love 12 - Degiorgis Karine photographie.

"Love 12" - Karine Degiorgis

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


Love 12 - Degiorgis Karine photographie.

All the dimensions of love projected in all senses and directions, combining fantasies or different projections of the possible (up to the tragic: stab wounds).
Circulation of desire between the figures causing paroxysms (passion) and disappointments.
Trajectories of melancholy.
Crossing of Love, «Love» after the end of the world...

"Love" Series

Les Champs magnétiques 14.jpg

"Magnetic Fields 14" - Karine Degiorgis

"Magnetic Fiels" Series

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


Les Champs magnétiques 14.jpg
  • 2020 : Honourable Mention 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Barcelona.

  • 2019 : 14th POLLUX AWARD , Honorable Mention pour Deep Narcisse

  • 2001: Professional Jury Prize of the Exhibition at Contemporary Art Biennial of Vigneux sur Seine.


Cherche 1_.jpg

"Selected Reviews & Publications"

"Cherche 1" - Karine Degiorgis

"Cherche" Series

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


Cherche 1_.jpg

FotoNostrum , Book , 2020.

Book, The Fourth Image, 2015.
Book, The Fourth Image, 2014.
Book, The Fourth Image, 2013.
Le contre annuaire , edition 11-13 , December 2012 .

"La répétition et la prise" , Alain Bergala , July 2000 .
"Letter" , Alain Bergala , August 2008
Notes about " Léopard " , Eric Vivier
Notes on "Untitled", Eric Vivier
Notes about " Madrigaux ", Eric Vivier

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Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge 2005
Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge 2004
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Love 1 - Degiorgis Karine photographie.j

"Love 1" - Karine Degiorgis 

©Karine Degiorgis all rights reserved


Love 1 - Degiorgis Karine photographie.j

The presence of Karine Degiorgis at The ONE Museum, in the Permanent Collection but also today by this monographic exhibition within the "Women AND Artists!" exhibition is an honour and is extremely well deserved! A very personal and perfectly mastered photographic expression, an uncompromising bias, a deep reflection on both the photograph and the subject, an unfailing artistic direction, an undeniable originality that immediately stands out from the crowd, everything that makes the presence of Karine Degiorgis' works appeared to be indispensable in this exhibition. Everything that The ONE Museum loves!

Thierry Gulian

Curator of The ONE Museum

"The Word of The ONE Museum Curator"