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Becoming a Privilege Member of The ONE Museum is no small achievement:


- The most extraordinary benefit is no doubt the possibility to discover at last The ONE Hidden Place, which is none other than the Museum's legendary secret room that many have long sought but never succeeded in finding.
This magical room is the haven of peace where our Curator Thierry Gulian comes to rest after his long days of work and invites his only best friends, the Privilege ONE Members, whom he always likes to surprise with
very unique  Exhibitions that are announced nowhere: The Private Exhibitions at The ONE Hidden Place.

The entrance door is nowhere to be found except in the private area  (after logging in) of the only Privilege ONE Member's area.

But please, don't repeat it!… Just subscribe - It is of course totally FREE as everything at The ONE Museum.

- But is not the last advantage. In your Privilege Member Area only, you can now also see the exhibitions that you would have missed or that you would simply like to see again into The ONE Last Chance Section.

- Thank for your subscription -


1/ After registring, you are going to receive an email asking you to confirm your membership.

2/ Click on the link in the email. You can now go back to The ONE Museum website and LOG IN.

3/ The LOG IN tab is on the upper right part of the web page, in the navigation bar of the website:

you now need to enter your email, to choose a password, then click on the tab « Log In » (just under).

4/ Back to The ONE Museum website, in place of "Log In" , your name is now written in the Website Navigation Bar tab, click on the small arrow beside, a drop-down Menu allows you to navigate in your Private Part of the website, choose where you want to go  and which exhibition you want to visit.

Please do not hesitate to ask for further assistance in case you are still experimenting problems,we will always be glad to assist you.