The ONE Collection Permanent Exhibition

20 Artists from the 5 Continents

- The ONE Collection -

Opened in October 2020, in the New Exhibition Halls 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

on more than 3000m2 of exhibition area

20 International Artists of the 5 Continents

Pelly Angelopoulou (Greece / Belgium) - Birdy Tg (France) - Julio Bittencourt (Brazil)

Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia) - Frank Chinea Inguanzo (USA) - Taeho Choi (South Korea)

DDiArte (Portugal) - Igor Goryunov (Russia) - Robert Houzar (Czech Republic)

Thierry Lathoud (France) - Jean David Nkot (Cameroon) - André Perlstein (France)

Jean Podevin (France) - Jan Pruski (Poland) - Paula Rosa (Portugal) - Wolfgang Stiller (Germany)
Jaya Suberg (Germany) - Tatsuo Suzuki (Japan) - Onni Wiljami (Finland)

The Art Collection of The ONE Museum is made up of a fine selection

among the best works of the 20 Permanent Artists of The ONE Museum.

We are happy and proud to open it to the Public.

If you want to know more about The Selected Permanent  Artists

of The ONE Museum, please consider using a computer,

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- As the exhibition is really VERY BIG and actual 3D technologies are what they are - even curently the best - for a smooth experience,

Please allow a certain waiting time, at least ONE MINUTE - that's far less time consuming than queuing up at the entrance of a physical museum and much more comfortable! Isn't it? -

you just need to wait until seeing everything perfectly sharp inside of the exhibition halls

before definitively entering in cliking on the exhibition pop-up window "Enter Exhibition".

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