The ONE Manifesto

1/ The ONE Museum is a non-profit organization. We do not sell anything. All is free for Visitors as well for Artists. We love Art, not its money!


2/Our only goal is to offer our visitors a pleasant place and quality exhibitions in which they can enjoy discovering international artists they may not know yet, or to see again with happiness artists they already know, but under a different presentation, a new selection, a particular theme .


3/ The ONE Museum works like a real museum, offering an enormous and very beautiful exhibition area managed by a real curation with an artistic axis well defined by the present "Manifesto".

We assume that the only differences are that it does not have a physical address in the beautiful neighbourhoods of one of the world's largest metropolises, that it did not take to build it tons and tons of concrete, millions of hours of hard work accompanied by thousands of litres of the workers' sweat, nor hundreds of money wagons, which in the end seems to be a definitely ecological argument that should not be overlooked.

If it is, as we like to call it, a "Nowhere & Now Here" Museum, that is to say that it is both nowhere and everywhere, located at will in a magnificent imaginary landscape, as enigmatic as it is dreamlike, or simply in your living room or your office suddenly magically transformed, that it is definitely alive and able to be available to the visitor at any time, according to his or her only desire and all for free.

However, it does not claim to replace the Physical Museums that are so important and fundamental to our culture, it simply wishes to offer a simple, easy and free access to culture, for the greatest number, and even for those who are not lucky enough to be able to move around or travel.


4/ The selection at The ONE Museum is above all made with the greatest freedom and open-mindedness, free of any commercial interest and free of any influence from the media, commercial galleries or any institution.

We do not admit any pressure whatsoever.

We do not pay any attention to fashions, movements or other "usual hype selections" that it currently seems trendy to favour just about everywhere.

Nor do we pay any attention to the pre-established notoriety of the artists we exhibit. No matter their age, their Curriculum Vitae, their origin, their "chapel", only the quality of their artistic proposal counts for us. If we are convinced of their value, then they have their place in The ONE Museum.

We defend a free vision of what we believe should be, in particular, an emancipated, visionary and authoritative creation, with a well-defined guideline, a style that is personal and assertive, an inventive artistic direction, with a real and clear message, thus ensuring the plausible future of their art through the evolution that the artists propose and not stagnation.


5/ Our exhibitions can also freely present any combination of visual art (painting, photography, video, etc.). Unfortunately, as far as sculpture is concerned, at this stage we are still limited by the technology applied to our website and are not yet able to include it in our programming. We hope to be able to remedy this problem in the near future.

Our selection is mainly based on contemporary art, but do not prevent us from occasionally presenting thematic exhibitions, combining contemporary works with those of great masters of past centuries.


6/ The ONE Museum hosts :

- The Permanent at The ONE : a permanent solo exhibition of the French Visual Artist Birdy Tg

- The SOLO SHOW at The ONE : a temporary solo exhibition by an international guest Artist

- The ONE Collection : a permanent exhibition of The ONE Museum Collection of Art, made up of a fine selection among the best works of the  Permanent Artists of the Museum (See the Focus ONE Section)

- The ONE Hidden Place : a secret room, with private exhibitions, for our Privilege members only.

- The Focus ONE Section : a place to learn more about the Permanent Artists of the ONE Museum with direct link to the Artists' websites.

- The ONE Last Chance Section : additional exhibition halls specially arranged for "latecomers"  who missed the previous exhibitions or for "Art Lovers" who liked them so much that they would like to see them again before it is too late.

- The ONE Kiosk : a place to discover Independant Art Magazines or websites that we love (with direct link to the Magazines and the Websites).

7/ The duration of temporary exhibitions is based on a museum periodicity of approximately 3 to 4 months.


8/ Selection for temporary exhibitions is made by invitation of the curatorial team.

However it is never forbidden for artists, who welcome our credo and wish to support us through their participation, to make themselves known and propose their work for an exhibition based on a specific theme or idea, if they think it is appropriate to the spirit of The ONE Museum.

Unfortunately, it must be understood that it is absolutely impossible for us to respond positively to all requests, as our programme is already established over several years. But we will always do our best, and as a result, we are offering a free "gallery" section called "Focus ONE" for those artists who have caught our attention, with a link to their website, in the hope that this will lead a number of our visitors to discover other valuable talents beyond those currently on display.


9/ Our curatorial team has a very concrete experience of more than 30 years in the field of fine arts and has organized, for both Museums and commercial galleries, numerous exhibitions throughout the world. It is also at the origin of the publication of various specialized books.

Who we are exactly has very little importance in terms of content, as it is actually not about us here, but about the artists. We have no interest, in order to remain independent, in naming ourselves. However, for the sake of transparency, let's not forget that the French artist Birdy Tg is a significant part of our curatorial team, hence the name of the museum. He is at the origin of the project and the conception of the museum, which adheres to its philanthropic and artistic values. However, the curatorial team is not frozen. Renowned curators will also be regularly invited to bring their distinctive views to our selections.


10/ The "ONE" Museum is set to expand rapidly in the coming months and years, gradually adding new exhibition space, including new rooms for the Museum's permanent collections with the "acquisition" of works by artists solicited for this purpose, as well as new rooms for temporary exhibitions.


11/ We will always keep attentive to you and open to your comments and potential suggestions.