The "ONE" Focus

The ONE Focus Section shows a Fine Selection of Artists

that The ONE Museum actively Follows & Supports.

They will obviously be part of our upcoming solo exhibition program.

The high quality of their work and their artistic integrity make them among the best Artists in their discipline.

They are by no means content to tirelessly repeat what Art has already given in the course of its history,
they all have an true story to tell, with their own words, with their own way, but always with an authentic emotion,

they don't lie.

We strongly encourage you to show them all the Love they deserve.



Jean David Nkot


Born in Douala (Cameroon) – where he currently lives and works – Jean-David Nkot is the laureate of several artistic distinctions (Best Sculptor, Best Installation and Best Painter).

“Captivated by the impact of the violence, of indifference and the passivity of the international community and governments on the circumstances of victims in the world, the human body and territories are key subject matters around which the artist centres his works and artistic approach.

Giant post stamps – which constitute a bulk of his creations – interrogate and raise awareness by exploring and exposing faces submerged by inscriptions of the names of weapons of war. Like these postal stamps, the artist’s works act as a vehicle to address victims marked by the violence of indifference which characterizes the complicit face of the world.

Leveraging cartographic techniques, the artist interrogates the representation of the body and its territories in his recent works, placing emphasis on how this intermingles with its surrounding but also questioned its place in society. Far from drawing the attention of the onlooker to the identity of the person represented, the artist highlights rather – in the ways of Zhang Dali, Francis Bacon and Jenny Saville – the expressions of the turmoil inhabiting "his" characters.”


Hardijanto Budiman


Hardijanto Budiman aka. Hardibudi, is a Visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photography is for him the best media to express his passion in Art. 

He doesn't classify himself as 'pure' Photographer. His works are like the Journey of his life. It is all about the expression of Imagination, Emotion and Experiences of his life. 

His favorite genre is Conceptual and Contemporary Photography.

He also loves anything related to Surreal World. That's why a lot of his artworks are strongly influenced with a Surreal touch. 

He has won multiple International Awards Winner, more than 200 Awards from many Prestige Photography events around the Globe.


Jean Podevin

1925 - 2011

The child who is already « crazy about textures» at six years of age in the manner in which he selects the sand pebbles to rearrange them better, immediately looks for the balance on the canvas when he begins to paint.
If he happens to try hastily to fix the profile of a table neighbor who caught his eye, he doesn’t hesitate to use a piece of the paper tablecloth on which he eats lunch. Elsewhere, amazed by the beauty of a landscape at noontime, he borrows from the restaurant owner, a felt pencil, to indicate, without losing one second, the essential lines of the view. He will tip a paper napkin in his black coffee to get the very beautiful earth tones that he integrates in the first idea for a canvas painting. The rest would come later in his studio…
...As for me, I felt a sensation of fullness, more or less the one that I often felt before a VERMEER of DELFT while discovering the imponderable light that detached itself from such a picture.
To reach this point, PODEVIN explains how in any case, he must fight to get a perfect understanding between space and volume. But, not more than anyone else, can he analyses with precision this mysterious power that we call « Light « and that pervades every instant of our visual existence…
                                                                                                                                                                                   René BAROTTE - Art Critic​

I ignore if he believes « in something «, but I know that PODEVIN can see very far.
                                                                                                                                                                               Roger BOUILLOT - Art Critic


Onni Wiljami


Onni Wiljami is an internationally multi-awarded photographer and artist working from Oulu, northern Finland. With nearly 20 years of experience in the photography industry, starting from portrait and documentary photography, he has developed into an expert in detailed and action-packed composite / collage photography. 


He’s artworks usually combine the confrontation of man and nature with a surrealistic and fantasy perspective to tell a story that expresses both directly and metaphorically; from surrealistic underwater images one can travel to the spiritual level of life's cross-waves and from dystopic environmental catastrophes all the way to musical narrative. Still, in these dramatic subjects and images, hope or a small hint of humor can be found.


He uses collage technique by combining parts of he’s different photographs seamlessly together; skies and the landscapes, and everything in between, with technical precision for achieving the desired impression. Some parts of the artworks may come from the other side of world and some from as close as home yard. Details from Scotland, the United States, Norway, Italy, or Finnish Lapland for example, can be found in Onni Wiljami’s art blended as a unique fantasy story."


Thierry Lathoud


With Thierry Lathoud's photography, we know immediately that there will be no lies, no pretence, no superfluous artifice... Here are sober, sincere, honest, authentic Photography and Art, as much as the artist is himself. In Thierry, one immediately recognizes the man of integrity, in love with photography and who fully dedicates all of his body and soul to it. There is all the seriousness of a photographer who masters the technique, who knows where he wants to go, who owns the art and the way to say things, precisely, with tact and respect, whether the subject is marked by nature or by the human being.
But there is also, and above all, a beautiful poetry that moves me, not a mawkish or imitative poetry, nor is it grandiloquent or outrageous. It is a poetry that is composed, thoughtful, argued and yet emanates directly from the heart, appealing to unfiltered feeling, the poetry of the Seer in the Rimbaldian sense of the term, and when you know that Arthur Rimbaud is by far my favourite author, that is how great the compliment is ! Let me explain: Thierry Lathoud belongs to that privileged caste that can see and feel what the others, us, the common people, cannot see… (read full text: HERE )
Thierry Gulian - Curator of The ONE Museum


Pelly Angelopoulou

Greece / Belgium

My art is about politics, social issues, beauty, love, anger, sadness, physics all come to the forefront as we focus on different parts of the artwork, sometimes even contradicting, not only one another, but the piece as a whole as well. It is a non conceptual art based on concepts .It is my private mythology created by obsessions ,becoming extreme metaphors in fact.

The different materials which in theory are completely out of place turn out to blend in as if they are an integral part of each other. From fabric to stones and from marble to paper we get everyday objects becoming something new and fresh.I deconstruct  and reconstruct them in a way to serve my narrations.

What exactly am I doing ? That's the “curse” of defying labels, especially when it is not something forced but on the contrary it is something completely natural. No label..

My last project Π + A , unconventional correlations composed by 115 artworks . It is a result of an unconventional collaboration between the provocative artists Pelly Angelopoulou and Axel Leotard…


Julio Bittencourt


Julio Bittencourt grew up between Sao Paulo and New York. His main interest is to, through different stories, investigate the relationship between man and his environment. His works have been exhibited in
museums and galleries in several countries and published in magazines such as Foam Magazine, GEO, Stern, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, Courrier International, C Photo, The Guardian, The New Yorker, Esquire, French Photo, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, LFI and Leica World Magazine, among several others. Bittencourt is the author of three books - ‘In a window of Prestes Maia 911 building’, ‘Ramos’ and 'Dead Sea’.