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The Kiosk One Section is a fine selection of International & Independant Art Magazines or Online Websites

that The ONE Museum enjoys and especially recommends to its visitors.


This selection is the sole responsibility and FREE choice of The ONE Museum and is in no way connected

with any special or ambivalent agreements with these magazines and has no advertising aspect.

The ONE Museum does not ask for any compensation for the selection made.

This list is not exhaustive and will naturally grow over time.

Any magazine not listed here which is interested in making itself known to the ONE Museum

is welcome to submit an application without the assurance of being selected.

The order of appearance on the page is not related to any preference on the part of The ONE Museum,

but solely to the chronological order of registration.

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Contemporary Photography


Corridor Elephant is a non-profit association (law 1901) founded in 2012. Its aim is to show and relay contemporary photography, that which bears witness to our present, that which remains little exhibited, despite its quality, but also little or not published, and this, whatever its origin in the world.
Since its creation, the magazine has put online twenty exhibitions per month. Since 2013 Corridor Elephant has published some sixty photographic Ebooks, available on just over 500 digital platforms and in 51 countries (See the catalogue).
Since 2015 Corridor Elephant has published the magazine NIEPCEBOOK at a rate of three issues per year. NIEPCEBOOK is both a magazine and a collection, and has enabled more than 150 emerging photographers to see their work published and promoted.
Since 2015 Corridor Elephant has been publishing monographs, often first works. These books are in limited edition, numbered, signed by the photographers and certified by a cold stamp. They are available in the online bookshop of the website (See the Bookshop).
All the paper editions of Corridor Elephant are financed by means of participative editions (crowdfunding) intended as much to acquire the funds necessary for the realization of the books, as to communicate and promote the work of the photographer.


DEK UNU Magazine

Contemporary Photography


Dek Unu Magazine was founded by photo-artists as a respectful, respectable alternative to small presses, literary magazines, and university journals, where accomplished, adventurous fine art photography often appears. We publish only one artist’s work and words in each of 11 monthly issues, online and in print, focused on showing more of each artist's work than the one or two images that might fit among the poems, stories, and articles in a more typical niche magazine.  Because advertising is expensive and opportunities are rare, we promote each artist’s name and links extensively via mail, web, and social media and we send each featured artist the reach and reaction statistics from a minimum of three separate promos during their publication month. Not-for-profit and non-advertising, Dek Unu never charges a fee to artists to submit and splits proceeds of print sales 50-50 with each month's artist.  Dek Unu does not theme issues to fit an advance plan; rather, we evaluate each month’s submissions for creative quality and narrative interest; so, beyond keeping an international focus and looking for issue-to-issue variety, our jurors never know what an issue will be until they see it. 



Contemporary Photography & Art

Germany promotes photographers & artists by publishing their works in the form of contributions with articles and portfolios on the site.


Tagree’s motto is: We are neither elitists nor dogmatists in the world of photography. We are not alien to the world but also do not follow the mainstream path of photography platforms. Our magazine is for all people who like exploring the diversity of visual arts.


A magazine for international photography & art: unknown artists meets well-known ones, pictures that touch meet pictures that evoke different associations, award-winning works meet works waiting for international attention.