The ONE Collection Permanent Exhibition

20 Artists from the 5 Continents


- The ONE Collection -

Opened in October 2020, in the New Exhibition Halls 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

on more than 3000m2 of exhibition area

20 International Artists of the 5 Continents

Pelly Angelopoulou (Greece / Belgium) - Birdy Tg (France) - Julio Bittencourt (Brazil)

Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia) - Frank Chinea Inguanzo (USA) - Taeho Choi (South Korea)

DDiArte (Portugal)  - Igor Goryunov (Russia) - Robert Houzar (Czech Republic)

Thierry Lathoud (France) - Jean David Nkot (Cameroon) - André Perlstein (France)

Jean Podevin (France) - Jan Pruski (Poland) - Paula Rosa (Portugal) - Wolfgang Stiller (Germany)
Jaya Suberg (Germany) - Tatsuo Suzuki (Japan) - Onni Wiljami (Finland)

The Art Collection of The ONE Museum is made up of a fine selection

among the best works of the 20 Permanent Artists of The ONE Museum.

We are happy and proud to open it to the Public.



- As the exhibition is really VERY BIG and actual 3D technologies are what they are - even curently the best - for a smooth experience,

Please allow a certain waiting time, at least ONE MINUTE - that's far less time consuming than queuing up at the entrance of a physical museum and much more comfortable! Isn't it? -

you just need to wait until seeing everything perfectly sharp inside of the exhibition halls

before definitively entering in cliking on the exhibition pop-up window "Enter Exhibition".

- if you cannot read this text in its full width on your computer screen, you absolutely need to reduce the size of the image in order to see the full text:
On Mac: Use Command - Minus Sign (-)
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