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THE 13 REASONS WHY… You should LOVE The ONE Museum


1/ The ONE Museum is the First Independent Virtual Museum of Fine Arts.


2/ Best 3D technologies applied to virtual environment : fluidity & precision of 3D navigation, realism of spaces, high definition images, immediate access to quality information on each artist, each artwork.


3/ Huge & beautiful museum exhibition spaces, like no other existing examples on the Web: opened on June 13, 2020 with over 3000 square meters (32000 sq.ft), this was only a beginning, is already extended to more than 6000 square meters (65000 sq.ft) on October 17, 2020, and this will not stop here, new exhibition spaces will open again on January 1, 2021.

 4/ An incredible number of features and services for the Visitors as for the Artists :

- The Permanent at The ONE : a permanent solo exhibition of the French Visual Artist Birdy Tg

- The SOLO SHOW at The ONE : a temporary solo exhibition by an international guest Artist

- The ONE Collection : a permanent exhibition of The ONE Museum Collection of Art, made up of a fine selection among the best works of the  Permanent Artists of the Museum (See the Focus ONE Section)

- The ONE Hidden Place : a secret room, with private exhibitions, for our Privilege members only.

- The Focus ONE Section : a place to learn more about the Permanent Artists of the ONE Museum with direct link to the Artists' websites.

- The ONE Last Chance Section : additional exhibition halls specially arranged for "latecomers"  who missed the previous exhibitions or for "Art Lovers" who liked them so much that they would like to see them again before it is too late.

- The ONE Kiosk : a place to discover Independant Art Magazines or websites that we love (with direct link to the Magazines and the Websites).


5/ Professional display, minimalist aesthetics and large breathing spaces to emphase the artists works.

6/ True museum curated program, free from any pressure and which doesn’t pay any attention tofashion movements or other «usual hype selections ». A true equal chance - no discrimination - is given to any artist, whatever they can be already famous or still to discover, whatever their medium, whatever their age, their gender, their nationality, their religion, etc., The ONE Museum selection is only based on artist’s quality skills, storytelling and integrity values

7/ Absolutely independent, not affiliated to any commercial sub-structure or institution.

8/ Selection of only a limited number of artists (Painters, Photographers, Sculptors, Video Artists) from the 5 continents, within the Focus ONE Section, in order to really take care of each of them with best efficiency:
- by offering stability (as Permanent Members of The ONE Museum), The ONE Museum is committed to actively and effectively supporting the artists over the long term, following and encouraging their evolution, as The ONE Museum is well aware that artists need trust, consistency and, above all, freedom from any pressure.
- by spreading their news and offering them the best international exposure by promoting them on all social media and taking advantage of the synergy of the Group and the reputation of the Museum.


9/ The ONE Museum is a Non-Profit Organisation:
- no mercantile or hidden purposes,
- everything absolutely free for artists and visitors.
The ONE Museum sells nothing because The ONE Museum LOVES ART, not its money. Money rots art!


10/ Most ecological Museum on Earth. As close as possible to a zero-emission carbon footprint.

11/ Fantastic educational program to allow any population on Earth, even in the most deprived areas, to have a free access and all the possible benefit of a museal environment and curation.

12/ No cost for neither the Nations, States, Towns and Tax Payers of this World to build the senseless and egotistical pharaonic buildings and structures that usually house our Museums.

13/ Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and from anywhere in the world, regardless of international circumstances - especially in these tragic times of Pandemic.

The ONE Museum is an obvious militant act.

It will never replace the traditional physical museums
which we will always continue to need so much,
but it is already today the indispensable complement to them.

The ONE Museum invents the new kind of « Nowhere & Now Here » Museum,
a museum of today, for today’s people from all over the world.

But the best thing is certainly to find out for yourself...