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Some advices before entering:
- As the exhibition is really big, for a smooth experience, please allow a certain waiting time before definitively entering, in cliking on the exhibition pop-up window. Wait that all the artworks you can see at first appear sharp. Depending on your System, the complete download can take 5 to 20 seconds. Then click on "Enter Exhibition".
- Then use quietly the arrows or your mouse to move around inside the exhibition. You can also, always depending on your system, click or double-click on the floor in the direct place where you want to go. (This option may not always be valid on your computer).
- At any time you can click on a work of art to get a close-up. The image is of perfect quality. Again, on some slow systems, it may take one or two seconds to sharpen the image.
- Having clicked on an artwork, you will see the possibility of complete information on this artwork - clicking on
i sign - and even the possibility to be redirected to the artist's website.
- You also have the possibility to have basic information at once, on each of the artworks, by simply pointing the arrow of your mouse on it without clicking.
- Moving around in a 3D environment can require a certain mastery that is easily obtained over time. The most elaborate 3D technologies have been used here, but they still require a little practice that you will quickly get used to.
- You can also, from the beginning, on  the exhibition pop-up window, opt for "Starting a Guided Tour". It makes loosing a lot of the charm to be free to "walk"  wherever you want and to take your time, but it is also a very easy way for persons not comfortable with technology.

We wish you the best experience!

June 13 to September 18, 2020


in the "Blue Room", the "Honour Room" and the "Tokyo Room"


Julio Bittencourt ( Brazil)



in Rooms 1 & 2


Birdy Tg (France)




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The Mystery Artist


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