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- " Pelly ANGELOUPOULOU " Solo Exhibition

November 20, 2021 to April 20, 2022

on 3000 m2 (33.000 sq.ft)

"L'Âne Rouge" (The Red Donkey)

The largest Retrospective Show to date for the Worldwide Acclaimed Belgian/Greek Artist

A collection of 200 Artworks

The Exhibition is structured in 3 Parts:

- 1/ "The Obscure Objects of my Desire" : Contemporary Mosaics and Sculptures,

-2/ "Souvenir du Futur, The π +A Project" : Collages (in collaboration with Axel Leotard),

-3/ "Le Petit Boudoir Rouge de Pelly" : a VERY special exhibition for our Members only.


- Private Exhibition* -


Pelly ANGELOPOULOU Solo Exhibition

"Le Petit Boudoir de Pelly"

*To celebrate Pelly's Birthday, the exhibition is open to everyone for 1 month!

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- " Frank Chinea Inguanzo " Solo Exhibition -

July 9 to October 9, 2021

800 m2 (8.800 sq.ft)

"Unforeseen Transition"

Life is a succession of unforeseen transitions, some more than others..

In this respect, 2020/2021 have been years like no others.

A collection of 40 new paintings

yet unseen & especially produced for The ONE Museum show

- " Curated by… Pierre Leotard " Exhibition -

May 29 to November 29, 2021

New Gallery - 2400 m2 (22500 sq.ft)

3 solo shows brought together

against single-mindedness and sclerotic habits


Mélanie Dornier (France) - Photography

Thierry Lathoud (France) - Photography

Vanda Spengler (France/Switzerland) - Photography


The Birdhouse Gallery - 1400 m2 (15500 sq.ft)

Birdy Tg (France) - Visual Art



-The ONE Collection-

in New Rooms 6, 7, 8 , 9 & 10 on 3000m2 (33.000 sq.ft)

20 International Artists of the 5 Continents

The Museum Permanent Collection

-The ONE ARCHIVE Exhibitions-

All past exhibitions still available  for our Privilege Members Only

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Julio Bittencourt (Brazil) - Solo Show

Exhibition on 1600m2 (18.000 sq.ft)


DDiarte (Portugal) - Solo Show

Exhibition on 2000m2 (22500 sq.ft)


Jean Podevin (France) - Solo Show

Jean David Nkot (Cameroon) - Solo Show

Igor Goryunov (Russia) - Solo Show

Taeho Choi (South Korea) - Solo Show

at The ONE Hidden Place

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